Friday, April 25, 2008

Noro Scarf



I finished something!


Noro Scarf, made in Noro Silk Garden #8 and #248 (I think).


I pretty much love it. If I made it again, I would pick even brighter colors -- it turned out a little more muted than I expected, but I think I will appreciate that more come winter.


Short post for today. We are exhausted over here in Casa de Steele. This weekend = cleaning (again!) and maybe an outdoor adventure of some sort. Unless my car is yellow when I go outside tomorrow -- then we will be staying inside in the pollen-free zone.

Next weekend, however, I will MOST DEFINITELY be outside because Erica and I (and our respective hubbies and young ones) are going to Maryland Sheep and Wool! Yes, its real. Yes, there will be sheepdogs. Yes, I will buy many sheepy things. And a funnel cake. And fried oreos, maybe. If they have them.

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