Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Batting Average Is Officially Zero.

Had my first full trial yesterday. Aaand I lost. Okay, so I didn't officially lose -- we still achieved what the client wanted and obtained a judgment. It was more of a lost-the-battle, won-the-war experience. And my, what an experience it was.

This was just a bench trial, but I still got to do the whole shebang -- Opening, evidence, exhibits, witnesses, closing... the works. Right in the middle of direct for my first witness, I had this momentary out of body experience and thought to myself, "Oh my GOSH you are really doing this..." and the Law and Order theme music started to play in my head. ("Bum, BUM...da, da, da, da, DA")

And then I immediately forced my brain back to talking to my witness on the stand.

I also tore a hole in my nice new black hose in the middle of my closing (seriously, only I could do something like that), when I got stuck to one of the splintery legs of the chairs at the counsel table. I finished the closing and then bent down and tried to un-stick my hose from the chair (discreetly, of course. Because that is how I roll). I succeeded in freeing my leg from the chair's leg, but not without ripping a nice little hole in my NEW HOSE right on the side of my shin.

My next trial is scheduled for this coming Friday. I intend to (a) win this time, and (b) exit the courthouse with my hose completely intact and free of holes. I will achieve at least one of those objectives.

After the morning's trial, I had another court appearance across town, and when it ended quickly, I decided I would just pop in at Knit Happens, since it was right around the corner.


And I may have had a yarn-buying accident with my credit card while I was there. :)


Noro Silk Garden, in colors 252 and 208 (I think). I already cast on for the scarf I have been wanting to make:


Except now I think I hate this color combination. But instead of stopping now and returning the yarn for a few different colors (like a logical person would), I'm just going to keep knitting and see if it turns out any better. Worst case scenario, would anyone want a lovely pond scum green scarf next Christmas? Speak now or forever hold your peace...


The Summer Log Cabin is on a time out. Mostly because the above-referenced scarf also requires my Size 5 needle. And I'm too cheap to buy another one.


Its starting to look like Spring in this neck of the woods.


Carlie approves of the Log Cabin Blanket.


She also approves of Spring.


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tracy said...

You may have "lost" the trial, but you're still Jack McCoy to me!! How exciting!! I am so proud of you.