Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Collection of Beginnings

I've been frantically starting a thousand new projects lately. (See Exhibit A -- Sourdough Bread). I'm not sure where this flutter of activity came from -- maybe its just Spring. Maybe its just the realization that I really and truly might not ever have to take another exam ever again, pending receiving my Maryland Bar results on May 2. (Cross your fingers, folks.)

Whatever it is, I have WAY too many things up in the air right now. Here is a brief glimpse of a few of them (no, I will not show you all of my unfinished items, because it would just depress us all.)

First up -- a fun, summery (not to be confused with Summary, which is something entirely different and much less fun) short-sleeved top, resurrected from a really crapalicious cardigan I was attempting with my own pattern. Note to self: Heather + inventing her own knitting patterns = having to do math and counting and etc., -- Ergo, very bad idea.


Ripped and repurposed into the Leaf T-Shirt. Pictured here on waste yarn for a try-on session. (It went swimmingly. The first two inches of me, from the shoulders down, is approximately the size of this sweater. Good to know.)


Unfinished thing number two. The Noro Scarf. As you may remember, this was my reward to myself for two courts in one day.


Except for we traded in the puke green for these lovely blues and browns. This is fun to knit and watch the colors change, except for when it is 89.5 degrees outside. Wool + sun = not fun.


Unfinished thing number three. Baby sweater for Boss's granddaughter. Hopefully it will be done before the baby is no longer this size. She was born nice and tiny, so I've got some time. It will likely be done in mid-June, which is precisely when every baby needs a good, solid wool sweater. I have such fantastic timing, I know.



We are taking the Z down to the ATL this weekend, to meet le bebe and to hang with the fam.


I expect to spend an entire weekend NOT reading work-related emails. I expect it to be glorious. Steven bought us a couple new CDs for the drive, and he even brought home a road-trip hat for me. Just in case we want to drive with the windows down. And sing really loud.


Word up, yo.

(PS - That is a peace sign. I am not flicking anyone off. Relax, people!)

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Sean said...

Five Guys? Come into DC sometime and I'll show you Ollie's (12th & E) and you'll swear off Five Guys.

And don't even get me started on In N Out Burger out in Californee. 5 Guys gets destroyed by In N Out.

I know - you are thinking "In N Out Burger" - that doesn't sound too appetizing. But trust me, they are fantastic, and the title refers to the amount of time you sit in the restaurant and not the digestive process.