Monday, April 14, 2008

Time to Start Cooking Again

After a few dozen weeks of dinner-in-a-greasy-paper-bag, I have hereby decided that it is high time I started cooking again.

Hello. We did not come from a drive-thru window.

Early in my hunt for Vegetables-Steven-Will-Eat, I happened upon this dish, which we have creatively named "Chicken Asparagus." (You're impressed, I can tell...)


The recipe (if you can call it that) basically goes like this: put some spices on raw chicken, sear one side of the chicken in a skillet for a while, then lay the chicken, seared-side-down, into a casserole dish. Lay the asparagus on top (wash them first, people, come on) and cover the whole thing in asiago cheese. Cook until the asparagus start to brown on the tops.

Serve with a side of Sour-Cream-Butter-And-Garlic-Heart-Attack-Inducing-Mashed-Potatoes.

We make veggies taste better.

After dinner, I decided that our waistlines deserved another assault. Of the chocolate kind. Again from my favorite food-blogger: Smitten Kitchen. (Her brownies look a little less, um, toasty than mine -- I blame my el-crappo electric oven. Clearly it has nothing to do with my lack of skill, knowledge, and experience . . . ha.)


I took the remainder of the batch to work this morning, and they got rave reviews. They also made all the trying-to-diet people angry, which I consider to be a sign of success for any baked good.


Also, having a cream cheese swirl is another good indication of success.

Next up: Sourdough starters, and pondering why I cannot finish a single knit project right now. (Answer: driving to work, typing legal stuff, and generally just going about my everyday life doesn't really help with the whole finishing-a-knit thing...)

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