Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two-ish Weeks to go...

And I'm trying not to pay attention to every little tweak in my stomach.  Because it's nothing, right?  I'm just imagining things...

Anyway!  Let's see, what have I been doing?  I knitted a hat for Violet Salvia, partially because I wanted to see how the pattern would turn out, and partially because I figured Violet's mom would enjoy having some additional photography props. :)


(I realize now that it's sort of a difficult color to photograph.  Oh well.)


I'm making a teal-colored one for Sophie.  Because what baby doesn't need an unreasonable amount of woolen hats?

I've also been scavenging her room for any remaining tasks to be done.  Diaper pail unboxed and set up? Check.  Clothes washed and put away? Check.  Additional crib sheets on bed and cradle? (thanks mom!) Check.


Pacifiers boiled?  Check.  Feeling a bit like a crazy person for having done this?  Double check.

We've also been practicing our diapering skills.... on Carlie.  She has some fabulous doggie diapers that were specially made for her by a neighbor friend.

We're getting pretty quick at it, especially if you consider that she tries to run away during the diapering process.
So, there's football on the TV, the washing machine and dishwasher are both running, the whole house but me is napping, and can I just have this kid already, please?

 :)  Somebody is trying to teach me patience, methinks.

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Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

i LOVE Violet's hat and I may just have to commission you to make her a whole closetful! Cannot wait for her first photoshoot in it!! I cannot believe you are two weeks away from Sophie's due date!!