Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

If you'd asked me this morning at 8:30 AM, "what's your gut instinct on the gender?" I would have told you it is most definitely a boy. I just had a feeling we were having a little guy, for some reason. Steven had the same feeling.

We even told the ultrasound tech, "We think its a boy." She swiped that plastic wand around my growing berth and then she rambled something excitedly, which neither Steven nor I understood.

"IamgoingtohavetotellyouthatIthinkyouareincorrectaboutthat," she said in a thick accent. I tried to sit up and look at the screen, but all I saw was fuzz.

"What? You know what kind of kid we are having already?"

She swiped the wand again and pointed, speaking more slowly this time.

"I am going to have to tell you that you are wrong, it's-a not-a boy..."


Yes, it turns out we are having a little girl in early October, folks. Steven and I are both surprised and delighted. I was more stupefied than anything this morning. I'd sort of geared myself up for what it would be like to raise a little boy. Make sure he's respectful, make sure he opens doors for ladies, etc etc. And now my whole parenting outlook has changed. A little girl? Really? But how on earth do I keep her from wearing those horrible booty shorts that I keep seeing in the window at Abercrombie? And how do I keep her from even going into Hollister?


Steven chuckles at me when I ask him these things. "You're asking teenage questions. Its going to be a baby. It will cry, poop, and sleep. You can handle it."

Yes, but I feel like those angsty teenage years will really creep up on you quickly. (I also feel like this is some sort of grand universal karma for all the stress I'm sure I put my parents through when I was a teenager, begging to wear the shorty-short jean shorts. They consistently said no, and I consistently pouted about it. And now here I am, a decade or two later, and I'm trying desperately to figure out how to keep my future teenage girl from doing precisely what I did. Oh, fate, you are so cruel.)

So here she is. We have decided not to tell the name just yet. We'll reveal it eventually, I'm sure. We still have to nail down a middle name, first.

Scan 1

(I will give you this spoiler: I've been looking into names of strong, confident women, both historical and literary. Don't you think "Sacajawea Steele" has a certain ring to it?)


Daniel Jay said...

Awesome news! Our first Granddaughter, Mom and I are very excited. The ultasound is fantastic, she's beautiful!

Ms. Debbie said...

Precious! Sweet! A beautiful little girl being knit together in Gods image... with a bit of Heather's nose and Steven's chin. I look forward to meeting her!


laura said...

has steve bought a gun yet? it is SO interesting to see men as they find out they're going to have a daughter. between now and the time lil bebeh steele has her first date, it will kick in. i've have some experience with this and it's quite fascinating. my friends rose and corey had a little girl. once they found out, corey, an army vet, said he will be cleaning his gunS in a wife beater on the night of that poor girls' first date.

i don't blame you though. if i were pregnant i'd be more nervous about the teenage years more than anything.

Mom said...

We are thrilled for you and Steven raising a little baby girl. You two will be wonderful parents!