Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Room For Sophie

Yep, we finally spilled the beans on the name, so here it is in all its glory: Sophia Dagny Steele! Sophie is Steven's great-grandmother's name, and Dagny is the lead character in a novel I love (Atlas Shrugged). Traditional first name, sorta funky middle name. We think it works. Estimated arrival date, early October!

We finished painting her room this past weekend. The paint is from Behr (Home Depot) and I think the shade is called Celery Sprout.
The daylight of course does it more justice. Its going to look perfect with some pink accents, and then if we have a boy someday, we won't have to repaint it! (Although we probably would anyway, I suppose, because a toddler and an errant crayon can be pretty rough on walls, I hear.)
After painting, we put the crib and the changing table together!
(And yes, I realize that in these pictures, I am, in fact, barefoot-and-pregnant. Things I thought I'd never say. :)
So there you have it - a celery-green room for Sophie. Here's the bedding I like: Spendy, but beautiful! I told Steven he's in charge of the decor, because I can't decide what to put on the walls. I'm going to pick out a nice glider for the corner, and maybe a little table with a lamp? Ideas welcome!


The Mulvihills said...

Thanks for this post, Heather! I love it and the floors look great!

You should read this blog's baby room decorating journey. They just had their baby last week!

Erica said...

First off - you are so ahead of the game. We put the crib together the weekend before Elisabeth arrived and did everything else the night we checked into the hospital...

Second, consider a recliner/rocker instead of a glider. I spent many nights sleeping in that thing. Still do, in fact. Not all night, but when Charlotte has a nightmare, sometimes we'll sleep there for awhile.

Love love love the paint color!

laura said...

love the color love the name!

ALSO love that you're still showing the puppeh some love. that's not always the case. yay steeles!