Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Weekend In Late Spring

Steven is The Grassmaster. Yes, this sounds like something that could potentially garner him a narcotics conviction, but just look at all that green lawn down there.

This lovely lawn is brought to you by several bags of E-Z-Seed Turfmaster, some careful sprinkler positioning, and today's early morning mowing (which I apparently slept through).


He's mighty proud of it. (And for good reason. It looks great!)

Pringles approves of the newly green yard as well. He's christened it several times today, even. (Me? I just sit on the porch steps and watch him run around. I was feeling rather sedentary today, so I gave in and rested.)

The vegetable garden is thriving nicely. Especially the zucchini plants, which are threatening to take over the whole box. (Far left, spinach. Middle front, zucchini. Behind the zucchini, we have cucumber and then my sad little cherry tomato plants which did not like last week's cold weather one single bit, thankyouverymuch.)

The other veggie that's really doing quite well? Snow peas. They are enormous. I feel like I might need to trellis them soon (do you trellis snow peas?). To the left of the massive snow peas, we have green beans up front, then carrots in the middle, then heirloom tomatoes in the back, also not appreciating the colder weather. (It hit 97 degrees out today. You're welcome, tomato plants.)


At the very end of the box, the arugala is doing well, but my watermelon and cantaloupe plants are growing very slowly. The basil is also a slow-mover.


Toward the end of last summer, we planted hostas along the driveway. When winter hit, we were convinced we'd killed off the hostas. We didn't even mulch over them or anything.

But guess what? They're baaaaack!


And they look REALLY good. They might be my favorite ornamental plants we've planted at the house thus far. Go hostas!

And, because you know you love to see each season's "house shot," I give you "Late Spring at Casa de Steele." Complete with Home Depot yard debris bags, and white azaleas that peaked about a week ago.


Oh, and a tiny dog who feels rather empowered behind his safe little fence. He will bark at you if you walk by our house, I guarantee it.


I, however, will not bark at you, but will instead wave politely as my waist grows increasingly larger. The fence is just the right height to hide behind, so far.

Pringles is not afraid of anything. And that includes a zucchini plant that is almost bigger than him already. (If the zucchini starts growling, "Feed Me Seymour," I will tell Pringles to run the other way. Quickly.)


So that's our yard this weekend! Please wipe your paws before you come inside. Thanks.


P.S.  We find out the gender on Wednesday.  I am crazy with curiosity.


Daniel Jay said...

The yard and garden looks great. It's hard to believe it was earlier buried under 3 feet of snow!

Erica said...

yes, you trellis the peas :) And the green beans. So get to building those trellises!!!

Your house looks great! I too am dying with curiosity - so come on Wednesday!!

jewels said...

It's just so different without all the snow... I don't recognize the yard :)