Monday, May 24, 2010

Steven's Kind of Weekend

We were supposed to go see the "Bold Fresh Tour" back in January in Norfolk, but it got snowed out and rescheduled for this past weekend.  So we planned a lovely early-summer weekend trip to Virginia Beach!

There were protesters at the event.  Steven wanted his picture taken with them.  He found it hilarious.
When we got inside, a young, sort of trendy-looking girl was holding a sign for the Restoring Honor event that Glenn Beck is having in DC in August. Steven pointed to the sign and said, "Hey, that's cool." The girl said, "Yeah? Are you going to be there?" We said probably so, and she said, "Do you have a minute? We are filming a commercial for it..."

And that's how we found ourselves backstage at the Bold Fresh Tour.
Pretty cool. We read a script and got to add our own personal touch to it. I mentioned practicing law. Steven mentioned cheeseburgers. We feel we were well represented. They told us it could possibly be on TV and probably the internet. Steven thinks this could be "our big break."
The event was fantastic. Very respectful crowd, really enjoyed getting to see both Beck and O'Reilly.
Beck provided a nice healthy dose of "THE END IS NEAR."
Bill paced the stage and cracked some jokes about how he needed to make sure Glenn came back on stage with his shoes tied.
Seeing them heckle each other was definitely the best part. Its like that back-and-forth of an older, wiser brother and his younger, more passionate sibling.
Back at the hotel, we discovered we had a beautiful view of the harbor.
Steven took this one -- he's becoming quite the photographer.
The best part? Our room opened up to the view on two sides. Let there be sunlight!
And just for good measure, here's a belly pic. I'm a little over 20 weeks here.
We spent the morning dawdling around the Norfolk Harbor, where Steven found himself in a Wrigley Field moment.
Speaking of baseball, wouldn't you know it, the sport follows us wherever we go. We went into a Schlotsky's Deli (of all places) in Norfolk, Virginia, and directly ahead of us in line, there was a gaggle of very tall, rather athletic looking college-aged guys. I figured it was just a group of college students, but then Steven nudged me and said,

"Hey, that's Glen Perkins."

Come to find out, the Minnesota Twins' minor league team, the Rochester Red Wings, was in Norfolk for a baseball series that weekend. Even better? They were all staying at our hotel. Sometimes I wonder if he arranges these things on purpose somehow... (Also, who recognizes Glen Perkins in street clothing? Seriously, the boy is beyond fandom.)

After our Minnesota Twins sighting, we found an enormous battleship. This is the USS Wisconsin, I believe. It was $18 to go inside. We didn't.
We went to the Chesapeake Jubilee that afternoon, around 3ish. It was very sunny and my poor pasty self got sunburned. Steven, meanwhile, got a case of "too-cool-for-school."
And at long last, the concert we'd waited all day for. Tonic. (They were great, as always.)
So there you have it. A weekend made for Steven: we saw Beck, O'Reilly, the ocean, a battleship, some Minnesota Twins baseball players, and one of his favorite bands. The only way to top this weekend? Resurrect SRV and have him play a private show for us in our backyard. It was really that good.

It was also a very refreshing weekend for yours truly, believe it or not. (Mostly because I got to eat an entire funnel cake with zero guilt.) Its a good thing we got that refreshment time in, because I have a long week ahead of me at work. Ugh. We finished painting the baby room, though, and we put together the crib, so I'll have to show that to you sometime in the coming days.

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