Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Impressed with Ikea

While I love my kitchen, there was still a sense that something was missing. I never had enough space to chop things or put food on a plate, and if I wanted to get something from the fridge, it was quite a trek to find a spot to put it down on the counter.


Steven and I agreed that we definitely want a white circle table with four chairs right under that hanging light, but we went to Ikea and didn't particularly like the white tables they had. They looked sort of plasticky, like they belonged in a preschool with kids coloring right onto the tops of them.

However, Steven spotted an absolute gold mine that I was not expecting from Ikea. When you hear the word Ikea, you automatically think particle-board bookshelves that fall apart if they are ever moved.

So you can imagine my surprise to see a freestanding kitchen island with a butcher-block top at Ikea.

It totally came home with us. In a big flat box. (Actually it was 4 big flat boxes. We bought chairs, too.)

Three hours, two screwdrivers, one drill, and a few choice bruises later, I am pleased to present my new favorite thing.


It still needs to be sanded and treated with mineral oil, but I bought the wrong stuff at Home Depot (I bought something called "pre-stain wood conditioner." The outside of the can says it could spontaneously combust. I am returning it, post-haste.), so I still need to go get some proper, non-toxic, food-safe mineral oil.


I had a case of purchase anxiety right at the register and almost didn't buy the chairs. Chairs are always so expensive. I hate that, and I wondered whether I could find a cheaper version at Target.


But once we got them home, I am so incredibly glad we got them. They are designed to fit perfectly with this island, and I think if I'd tried to get a different type of chair from somewhere else, it would have looked mis-matchy.


I think there's still space for our white circle table. We've seen one at Target, but its online-only, so I'm hesitant to order it. Does Target let you return online-only stuff?


For now, this is my new favorite little thinking spot in the house. I sat here this past weekend and plotted out my grocery trip. I intend to eat breakfast every morning sitting right there.


Its just so nice to finally have a place to sit and eat that isn't my couch and coffee table. I had no idea what I was missing, but I seriously love it.


Jaimy and Bret said...

Love it! It looks perfect! I don't know if you remember it from your tour, but we actually have a stainless steel counter/table in our kitchen that serves as our coffee station/prep station. We got it at Ikea and I LOVE it (and was also surprised to find it at Ikea).

Anonymous said...

Heather - Jenny's friend again:)
Check craigslist - those white tables are a dime a dozen, or maybe $50/dozen or, whatever 12 X $50-75 is. They're cheap - and it will probably be real wood:)