Sunday, February 8, 2009

Call Me An Electrician

("Hey, you're an electrician!")

Well, not quite, but today (against my better judgment), Steven and I tackled changing out a few light fixtures. Turns out, its not as difficult (or scary) as I thought. (But it does make your arms tired to hold them over your head for that long.)

Why? Why would we risk life and limb to install our fixtures when we'd never done anything like that before?

Listen closely, dear readers, and I will tell you why. It is because Steven said the magic words. The magic Marty-Mc-Fly-Hates-Being-Called-A-Coward words. The words that will prompt me to try just about anything (within reason and within the confines of the law).

"I bet you can't do that."

Them's fighting words, ya'll. I was up on that ladder before he could even blink. (Sometimes I think he does it on purpose. For example, the time he said "I bet you can't cook me a batch of coconut macaroons before 8 PM," or the other time when he said "I bet you can't finish that laundry AND do the dishes." Hmm. Maybe he's onto something...)

Anyway, here's Before-And-After, Part Deux:

The dining room, WAY before:


Looking better with some paint (and no more purple curtains), but that fixture was still bothering us.


Shut off the power, climb the ladder, say a little prayer, and VOILA!


The upstairs fixtures used to drive me crazy with the weird shadows they cast on the walls.


With a little precarious balancing, we changed both of them out, and I LOVE the new ones.


The fixture in our foyer was rather outdated, not to mention DIRT-AY, and how on earth would we get up there to clean it?


If you are thinking we somehow managed to climb all the way up there to change that fixture, you are mistaken. We totally hired somebody.


(And it was totally worth it.)


Here's the carnage from today. I'm thinking of putting them on E-bay.


(Would it be worth my trouble? Are these worth anything?)


Today was a big day, and I've got more to show you (including an outing with Jaimy and our trip to Penzeys (!), but I've still got to finish documenting what I bought there.)

It was very empowering to figure out how to install the new fixtures. I feel very accomplishment-y. Anybody need me to come install their light fixtures? Will install for coffee/yarn/Penzeys spices...


The Mulvihills said...

The new lights look great! I personally am very afraid of anything having to do with electrical work. Did you install the ceiling medallion in the dining room, also? I like it.

As far as the old fixtures are concerned, throw them on Craigslist for $20. In your ad, mention how cool and different they would look if spray painted silver or black and you'll have them sold in five minutes. Take your profit and get yourself a roll of yarn or two--way to be resourceful!

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