Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Handknits for Sophie

A blurry photograph is proof that you have a toddler.
I think they probably invented high-speed shutters and flashes for parents of young children, because they just won't stand still long enough for a decent picture!
Its sort of like chasing the Yeti.  You get a glimpse, an idea, a shape-shifting shadow of a cute baby.
An adorable blur.
I am chasing my Mini-Bigfoot around with the camera to try to show you the handknit sweater that her Grammy gave her for Christmas.  (It also has matching knit leggings, but in the same way that she won't stand still for a picture, she will only stand still for a limited number of clothing items.  I managed to get this outfit on her before I ran out of time and she ran out of toddler-patience).

Side note:  She has started doing a funny new thing, where she tries to hold as many items in her hand as she can.  In the picture below, you can see she has a pacifier and a piece of torn paper in one hand, which is making it difficult for her to lift the rather heavy toy with her other hand.
A multi-tasker after my own heart.
Second side-note:  "Toddler Patience" can be counted in milliseconds. On one hand.
She finally stood still long enough to chew some cardboard from one of her Christmas toys.  I encouraged this, for the purpose of obtaining a clear photograph.  (I'm fairly certain they are crossing my name off of the Mother Of The Year nomination sheet right now...)
Finally, after she'd run several laps around the house and consumed most of the remaining toy packaging from Christmas, she sat down with her pacifier and I got a couple more pictures.
Exhaustion.  Basically the only thing that will slow a 14-month-old baby down.
Thank you, Grammy, for the lovely sweater dress!  Clearly she likes it and enjoys wearing it (and running wild through the house in it...)  I wish I could have taken better pictures for you, but it fits beautifully and looks great!
Maybe I'll put it back on her after she falls asleep and try again. :)

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