Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Hats!

We're getting mighty close now to Scarlett's arrival.  I'm not sure I'm nesting, since there's a sink full of dirty dishes that I'm actively avoiding right now.  However, I have had the itch to start a ton of new projects, so perhaps that's how my nesting urge presents itself.
On a whim, I stopped by the yarn store one day last week and picked up some red and pink yarn.
I wasn't quite sure what I'd use it for, but this little heart hat stuck in my head, and I decided that both of my girls needed one.
I think I'm going to make Scarlett's hat in reverse colors: mostly pink with red hearts.  That way, we can tell the hats apart by more than just size.
I have grand visions of two little girls in pink onesies, posing for a Valentines' Day picture with their matchy-matchy heart hats.
If I had more time, I'd make little stripey red and pink Baby Legs to go with them.
But alas, I am running short on time, and I still have to do things like: work full time, feed and clothe a toddler, and just generally make sure that my house is in some semblance of order before we are all struck by the chaos that naturally follows a newborn home from the hospital.
I am hoping this little hat fits Sophie for a while.  Its a bit tall for her head, so perhaps that will make it longer-wearing for her as she grows?
I might add a pom pom to the top.  Do we think that would make it cuter?
For anyone who wants to make this pattern, I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino on size 4 DPNs and did not alter the pattern at all.  I am surprised that the "adult" size fits my 15 month old's head.
Perhaps she has a big noggin to hold in all them brains.
It was a fun, very fast knit, and it reminded me that I should stick to small projects for, I don't know, the next 18 years or so, if I want to ever have anything to show for my knitting time.
In other Sophie news, she will now reliably respond to "I love you!" by saying "Youuuu!" and pointing back to you.  Its precious, and I am taking her "Youuuu!" to mean "I love you too!"

We got all of the baby stuff out of the basement this weekend, and Sophie immediately took to the infant bouncy seat like we'd bought it from La-Z-Boy just for her.
She likes to lounge in it and watch TV. I fear she may not let Scarlett use it when she arrives.
I'm 38 weeks this week.  Only one more OB office visit and then we check into the hospital to have this baby.  I am in such denial that I have not even packed a hospital bag yet.  Because I have plenty of time left to do that.  And to knit a matching hat for Scarlett.  Right?

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Ms. Debbie said...

VERY Cute! So glad you are knitting again!