Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

It appears we are past the barfs for now.  Steven stayed home with Sophie today to make sure she was okay, because I had a big court argument to do in the afternoon.  He enjoyed his stay-at-home-dad day and during her morning nap (around 10 AM), he mentioned to me how much he was enjoying the day with her.  By the time I walked in the door at 4:15 PM, she was napping for a second time and Dear Old Dad was starting to look a bit weary. :)  Happy, but weary.  That stay-at-home stuff is not for the faint of heart.


There's an adorable little pumpkin patch a few minutes from our house, called Heather Hill Gardens (which I've blogged about before during the summer), and our fledgling group of mom attorneys (the Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association, based on the idea out of MAMA Seattle) decided to do a Fall Pumpkin Patch Event there.

This way for fun!

Carrie is one of my attorney-mom friends.  The idea of the Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association (MAMA) is that we get all the attorney-moms together so they can talk about issues relating to their life and law practice.  Depositions and diapers.  Its an odd combo but it works.


As you might imagine, Sophie loved the pumpkin patch.  (See us waving?)


She even wore her special pumpkin sweater for the occasion.


Hard to tell, but she's riding on a teeter-totter below.  Grammy and Grandpa came with us to the pumpkin patch.


I'm not sure she fully understands how a slide works.  She got to the bottom and just sat there like it was a chair.


Um, do I get up now, or something?

She absolutely loved seeing the sheep and goats at the "petting zoo" and I use that term loosely because there were signs indicating that those who attempted to pet the animals could draw back a hand with significantly fewer fingers.  So perhaps it was just a "looking zoo."


She growled at the sheep.  She makes the same noise for lots of different animals in her books here at the house -- "Aaarrggghhh" is the noise for horses, bears, sheep, etc.  Dogs get either panting noises or a "hoo, hoo" that sounds more like an owl than a barking dog.  Cats also get the "hoo hoo" noise.  We haven't figured out "meow" yet.

The sheep says aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh.

The sign on the sheep pen says "Please keep fingers out of animals' mouths. They will bite."  Not a very comforting sign for a nervous mommy.


As the morning went on, it got warmer and sunnier outside, and turned into quite a nice day.


Here are all the attorney moms and their kids -- we had a great turnout for our third-ever event!  If you want more info, MAMA of Northern Virginia is on Facebook.


And here is Daddy with Grammy and Grandpa, giving Sophie the tour of all the pumpkins.  Grammy and Grandpa were in town for Sophie's first birthday and graciously agreed to squeeze in next to Sophie's car seat so that we could all ride in one car to the pumpkin patch.


Its hard to believe that in a few months, we will have two kids and two carseats!  We'll have to start taking two cars wherever we go, anytime we have family in town.  Either that or buy a minivan, and I'm fairly certain where Steven stands on the idea of owning a minivan.  (Hint: It's a no.)

Also hard to believe that its been almost a whole month since we went to the pumpkin patch, and Sophie is almost 13 months old already.  The fall trees are still holding their gorgeous colors, and I'm grateful for the delayed onset of winter, even though we did have to change the clocks this weekend.  At least we gained an hour!  Happy Fall, everybody!

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Ms. Debbie said...

It was a pleasure to be a part of this special day. Good memories.