Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Many Words

Our little Chatty Cathy has quite a few "words" under her belt now.  I put that in quotes, because they still require a little interpretation.  I consider her to have learned a new word when she uses the same set of syllables each time she references the word.

So, to the list:

Ba ba! or Baa!!  Always spoken passionately, and usually if you hear this, you should duck, because she's going to throw it directly at your head.

Cha-ka. She definitely knows when I say "Sophie, where's your jacket? Find your jacket!" and she can run and fetch it.  While she's looking for it, you can hear her whispering under her breath, "Cha-ka, cha-ka" but she's not as confident with this word yet.

Nana! or I've also heard Ma-nana! I don't have a picture of her with a banana, because if I handed her an unpeeled banana and tried to snap a picture, she would have already chomped through the skin of the banana and started crying.  She adores them.  If we walk by a display of bananas in a store, its over.  She will start shouting "Nanananananananananana!"  We end up buying bananas every time we see them, which is fine, of course, because she can eat two a day without batting an eye.

"Khh-Khh"  She actually hasn't connected the dots with goldfish crackers and the "K" sound, but she has these Earth's Best crackers with Elmo on the box (guess why they ended up in the cart?), and she points to them and says "Khh-Khh" pretty consistently now.

Water Cup or Bottle:
"Ba-ba." Again, this is where the interpretation comes in.  If she doesn't have a ball in her hand, and doesn't see a ball nearby (or anything else that is circular and could be seen as a ball -- a picture of a circle, a balloon, you name it), then she's probably saying "bottle" or "water cup."  While she can't say different words for these two items, if you tell her "go get your water cup" she will retrieve her sippy cup and not a bottle.  We are trying to phase out the bottle, but she seems to be convinced that a sippy cup should only contain water, and she gets this really disappointed look on her face if she takes a swig from a sippy cup and it has milk and not water.  Like we're trying to trick her or something.

Dog, or Woof:
"Roh! Roh!" or sometimes, a panting sound.  The panting sound was her very first "word," and she started doing it at about 10 months, maybe earlier, specifically from reading this little Baby Einstein book about dogs.  We would get to the page that said "Dogs pant when they are warm," and it showed a picture of a dog with its tongue sticking out, and she would pant.  So stinking cute.  She pants less now and does the barking sound more, but its not just reserved for dogs, and its not just reserved for "the noise that dogs make."  I think when she says roh! roh! she just means "Look, look, an animal of some sort!"

"Sssssss" or "Sshhhh."  This is another one of those words, like jacket, that she understands perfectly when I say "Go find your shoes" but she says "sshhhh" under her breath, like she knows the word but isn't confident to shout it yet.

Mommy's shoes/Daddy's shoes:
She can retrieve the correct item, but doesn't have a word for them yet.

Things that she finds interesting and would like to talk to you about:
"Ah-dabbie-shabbil-dabba-shaaabba! Shejabba dabbie?"  And she will say this sentence to you with great consternation in her little eyes, like she is trying to express to you the origins of the universe, only you are clearly not understanding her.  Usually I just nod, and she keeps going.  Often this includes gestures, pointing, handing me things, patting me on the face, etc.  Steven says she sounds sort of like the  little Jawas on Star Wars (the ones that sell the droids to Luke and Obi-Wan).

She's got these down, complete with waving.  A cute misunderstanding that she does -- when I say "high chair," she waves at the high chair, as if to say "Hi, chair!"

"Chhh."  She will only say this if you first say "Cheerios!" and its also spoken softly, like the "shhh" for shoes.

She's also started wandering off into our front room to play in her playhouse without us.
We can hear her in there, banging the plastic nails with the plastic hammer and saying the big sentence of gibberish, above.  She has a lot to say about her playhouse.  She goes in and closes the little door behind herself every single time -- she is a very methodical baby.

Related funny thing:  The room that we keep the playhouse in is the front sitting room, and the doorway is flanked on either side by pillars.  Sophie is utterly convinced that squeezing between the pillar and the doorjam is the only proper way to enter this room.
Note: she does not exit the room this way.  This is just the way she gets into the room.  Every, single, time.

Suffice to say, she is a hilarious little kid, and she constantly keeps us grinning.

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Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

she is so precious and has such great hair!!!