Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lesser-Known Old Wives' Tales

I've tried most of the Old Wives' Tales for bringing about labor.  Pineapple, spicy food, eggplant parmesan, evening primrose oil capsules, red raspberry leaf tea, climbing stairs, cleaning my house obsessively, walking (and walking and walking and walking...)

But there may be a lesser-known Old Wives' Tale that I've heretofore overlooked:
That's right, chocolate cake.  Double-layer, homemade chocolate cake, to be precise.  I even wrote a loving message to our future child on it.  (I was going to write "Welcome Sophie," but I figured that would give everyone the idea that she'd already arrived, which is most assuredly not the case.)

What else have I been doing in the last week since her due date passed???  Well, I made her some photography props winter hats.
I'm hoping these will fit her little noggin.  (I have no idea how big or small baby heads are, and yet I feel this information will be crucially important to me in the coming days.)
I'm working on hat #3, in hopes that if I involve myself in enough little projects, Sophie will decide to show up right in the middle of things.
(And plus, I couldn't take any more googling of "Week 41" symptoms.  "Your baby is the size of a watermelon and you're miserable."  Yeah, that just about sums it up.)
This is eventually going to be one of those little stocking caps with the loooooong tassel on the end.  (Muy cute, although it really will be just a photo prop, since I can't let her wear it for real -- the tassel is apparently a strangulation hazard.)

In other news, my feet are officially missing.  This makes walking down stairs sort of tricky.  Here's the view as I see it:
And here is Sophie, in size comparison to her cake.  Yeah, I could probably eat that entire cake.  Anyone got a fork?
So now that I've baked (and inhaled) a chocolate cake, what else is there to do?  I've already stuffed the freezer full of meals... (complete with instructions for hubby and/or visitors)....
She's probably not going to pick 10/10/10 as her birthday, after all.  I told her it would be a cool birthday, but I doubt this will be the last time that she and I disagree on what is actually "cool."

My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow.  I'm hoping for at least 2 or 3 centimeters.  We were at 1 centimeter a week ago, and I've walked about 400 miles since then.  Wish me luck.


Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

LOVE those hats :-)
hah! awesome. I tried to convince vi that 08/09/10 would be a cool birthday but she ignored me also. i think we have two headstrong girls on our hands already!!! still stalking you. can't wait!!

Mom said...

Heather, your blog is wonderful. I love you soooo much.

kellymjohnson said...

" I told her it would be a cool birthday, but I doubt this will be the last time that she and I disagree on what is actually "cool." .. haha... I love that!