Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carpe Nappum ("Seize the Naptime")

Reporting to you live from Baby Central Headquarters...
According to my notes from yesterday, this here is prime napping time.  Sophie likes to sleep from 9 AM to 11 AM.  (At least, she liked it yesterday, and she fell asleep again today at about 9:20 AM.  Here's hoping it's a pattern...)  Yes, everybody says sleep when baby sleeps, and you can be sure that I will, but this is her longest nap of the day (the rest of them are just 30 min-1 hour), so I have to carpe nappum and get things done while she sleeps.

Right now, we are trying desperately to finish sending out the birth announcements.  I think we have about 20 to go.
I would be getting these done faster, but these adorable baby feet are terribly distracting.
And sometimes I am without the use of one hand, which also makes things like writing and typing and eating a bit challenging. (This is a picture from last week when my parents were still in town, but its a good illustration of my continuing role as a Human Security Blanket.)
Oh rats, she's awake already! Aaaand just like that, naptime is over.  So much for my productive two hours.  More like half an hour. Oh well.  Hungry tummy is calling. More later from the Land Of One-Handed, Sleepless Blogging....

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