Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Dressed Up

So this is the part where I confess that I have become that woman.  The one who (you already knew) dressed up small dogs in Halloween costumes.  I have now graduated to matching my kid's dress to her doll.
And I am not the least bit ashamed.  Because it is unbelievably adorable that they match. It makes me grin.  Especially when Sophie sees her doll and yells "Bayyyy-beeeeeeee!" at the top of her lungs.
(Needless to say, Sophie and her baby sister will be sporting matching duds once Scarlett arrives, possibly with their own matching dolls for each of them.  There is no end to the cuteness potential.)
Oh and this is just the beginning of the available Christmas outfits for the little miss.  I've got at least 3 more, so she's going to have to find some parties to go to, ASAP, in the next week.
Either that or we are going to have several photo opp/costume changes on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.
The sparkly black shoes just kill me.  Sophie picked them out (sort of.  She picked bright pink sparkly ones.... I gently led her to the slightly-more-understated version of the same shoe, in black.)
Oops, and this is where I confess that she may or may not have opened one of her presents already.  Thank you Aunt Jenny and Uncle Josh! :)
The wee princess sported this look to my firm's annual Christmas party, which was actually a tropical theme, but hey, who's really going to turn away this precious little mug?
The funniest part of her wearing this outfit is that she'd worn a t-shirt with Elmo's face emblazoned on it for most of the day before (and overnight), and she'd spent the whole day telling anyone who would listen, that "Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!" was on her shirt, and she'd point to his face.  She hadn't gotten past this wonder by the time she was wearing the Christmas dress, so she spent the party telling people "Elmo!" and pointing to the big red and white bow on her chest.

Yes, honey.  Elmo.  Good job.