Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Time Swimming!

We are spending a short week with Steven's parents in Florida, taking a much needed break. It's taken me a good solid day and a half to unwind. Sophie, on the other hand, was ready and rearing to go from the first moment we got here.

She is so so so close to crawling. She has learned how to move herself forward, but she still drags her legs behind her.

She has also enjoyed laughing with and at Grandpa.

She's developing such a little personality, too. She's such a funny kid!

Sophie had her first pool experience yesterday. She loooooved it!

Grammie and I bought dollar straw hats from Target, and me and Soph hit the pool in the afternoon.

She is a water baby for sure.

She did so well, didn't even cry or seem scared for a second. Just adapted perfectly to the water.

Nana sent us a floatie to take with us to Florida, so we tested it out. Sophie loved it, of course!

Go Sophie go! I am totally signing her up for swim lessons this summer.

Before we left town, we bought her a cutesy headband with a flower bow. She is beyond adorable in it, and I need to do a proper photoshoot with it on her. Here's a glimpse of the cuteness.

More to come as we take to the water the rest of the week!

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