Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cute Overload

About a year or so ago, I met my second cousin for the first time. As it turns out, she's fabulous.


As it further turns out, we're both expecting! Becky's having a boy this time, so she offered to give me some of Ella's baby girl clothes. She mentioned that it would probably be "too much to mail," so we decided to meet up so she could give the clothes to me before she and her family move to Texas. We took a tummy pic, just for posterity's sake. (And because we knew it would make our Aunt Sandi in New York grin from ear to ear.)


After our photo session, Becky opened the trunk of her car and gave me THIS HUGE TUB of baby girl clothes, and TWO MORE BAGS in addition to this! I had a very very hard time not fishing through the bags at stoplights on the way home...


When I got home, I spread all the clothes out on the couch to look at them, and I might have squealed with glee a few times. Tiny! Pink! Things! With Bloomers! Eeee!


I won't go through the whole collection of adorableness (although I totally made Steven sit with me for a good hour while I showed him all the stuff and carefully folded it all up...), but here are a few of my favorites:

Tiny knit sweater dress with little dogs!


Eeensy little blue cardigan, with stitched flowers!


Patent leather Mary Janes, that fit in your hand!


And my personal favorite: my daughter, the swashbuckler.


(This was Ella's halloween costume one year. I laughed out loud when I saw the pirate hat. So totally awesome. I'm going to have to teach Sophie to say, "Argh, mateys!")

A huge, huge, unspeakably huge thank you to Becky for the clothes. Thank you! I am getting very excited!

And, of course, when one is given so much cuteness, you have to share the love. So here's a sneak peek of a baby shower gift that I made for my friend Tracy for her baby shower today. (Babies! Everywhere!)


I guess its not really a sneak peek, since I already gave it to her earlier today... My only request is to see a picture of little Madeleine in it, someday, ok Tracy? :) Wink wink nudge nudge!


Erica said...

oh! We had that same blue cardigan with flowers! so precious. And I made that same sweater for my neighbor's little girl, I love the colors!!

How nice that you have so many clothes now, you're pretty much all set. So ahead of the game!

Marci said...

So cute! I love baby clothes. I know that was a whole lot of fun for you! That's so great to have someone to give you clothes for her. Hand-me-downs are great!

Mom said...

LOVE all the adorable clothes Becky gave you. How incredibly nice of her to pass her baby girl clothes on to you. I remember when you were an infant, I would dress you in outfits just to see how cute you looked in em.

You will have sooooo much fun!
Love you bunches.