Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I Won't Ever Wear Scrubs

So everyone on Facebook has been posting the picture of the "Celebrity that Other People Think You Look Like."

And it looked like such fun. I mean, people were posting such cute pictures of people like Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, and I totally saw the connections. They looked like celebrities! Love that!

So I started thinking. Hey, I really want to post a pic of who I look like -- wouldn't that be fun? And so I thought. And thought. And thought.

And then I made a very sad realization. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a realization so sad that you might not want to read any further. Go watch some cute videos of kittens or something and then come back after you've fortified your Sense Of Happy.

Ok, you're back? Well, here's the sad truth. I could only think of one time that someone has told me that I look like a celebrity. It was back in like 2002: Steven had this slightly-crazy roommate named Mike. And Mike was a fun guy, but you sort of never knew what he was going to say next.

And on this particular occasion, I think we'd all gone out to lunch somewhere. Conversation was progressing like normal, when Mike suddenly blurted out:

"You know who you look just like, Heather??" And the look in his eyes was the glint of insanity.

"Who, Mike?"

"That guy from Scrubs."

Oh. The horror. Its so awful, and yet so right on. I look like Zac Braff. And now I will prove it to you:

Do you see that? Do you see?!

Its true. I'll admit it. Zac Braff and I could be twins. Oh, the humanity. I'm going to have to wear mascara and earrings the rest of my days now. And maybe skirts too.

But never, ever, ever scrubs. It would just be too much.


The Mulvihills said...

Oh, Heather! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! You totally crack me up!

Jennifer said...

my dear friend,
while maybe true, which woudl you RATHER have someone tell you look like: zac braff or paris hilton? i mean i was like...terrified and completely pissed off and then a lot confused?! i have had julia roberts before (and most often, then demi moore...but i never see the resemblance), but even then i am pretty sure its just the either a: red hair bc its red. nothing to do with style or length or b: the big like REALLY BIG PLEASE TONE THAT DOWN smile that i can have when cheesin for pictures. so, i think you are an adorable and beautiful female version or zac braff!

Jennifer said...

haha. i just read that posting i just made here, and after i wrote about beign alot confused i thought "well, that is kind of paris hilton-esque" but seriously...paris hilton? i see absolutely NO NONE NOT EVEN A SPECK of resemblance.