Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

Attention everyone: This is an Important News Alert.

"Verily, verily, It Has Snowed."


We thought we might be able to shovel the driveway ourselves, but we got one lane cut down the driveway, the exact width of our snow shovel, and we promptly gave up.


Not only is the snow tall, but it weighs a metric ton. (I will admit I was glad to have a variety of knit caps to choose from. And those boots? Soaked to the brim now.)


We saw a neighbor out plowing the street with an ATV that had a snowplow attachment on the front. I begged him to come plow our driveway, and he agreed to do it. (I'm baking him cookies later, for sure.)

Here's what the driveway looked like when it was plowed. Two more inches of snow have fallen since we took this picture, so we'll probably have to shovel it one more time before we go anywhere.


I have also discovered that its difficult to take a picture that truly portrays the scope of the snow. Its so .... white. Its hard on the camera.


I would estimate we've gotten about two feet of snow, maybe more, but we haven't officially measured it.


But I think this lamppost in our front yard is telling. Its about five feet tall, and I would say only about half of it is above the snow.


It is definitely beautiful, and we've enjoyed sitting inside sipping hot cocoa watching folks walk by in winter gear.


But I could also see how days and days of this could make you a bit stir-crazy. I'm wishing my boots weren't wet -- I'd like to walk down the street a bit and take some more pictures. But I'd also like to keep all ten toes, thank-you-very-much. So indoors I stay.


(The best part? I hear its supposed to snow AGAIN on Tuesday. God bless America.)


Daniel Jay said...

Beautiful,but time to move South!
Good news, Spring is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing your green grass when we come to visit.

Jennifer said...

how exactly is one supposed to walk anywhere in that snow? i mean, heather, did you SEE? the street looked like an entire OCEAN of snow! how ever do you live there?! (it woulc be cool for a minute...but that is about all i could see. :) )