Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough With The Snow Already...

Its official. We have just survived (Survived? Does that mean its over yet?) the snowiest winter on record in the Nation's Capital.

Aaaand I'm officially tired of snow.* I won't even post any more snow pictures for you, because seriously, it still looks exactly the same outside. Which is to say, everything is cold and white.

So I'll show you something rather colorful instead: I made a smoothie.


It was the brainchild of necessity - all the fruit in our house was starting to go bad.


And by a perfect set of circumstances, I had some vanilla yogurt in the fridge.


Result? Extreme deliciousness.


Blackberry-Banana Smoothie:
(Makes 1.5 servings. Or just one serving if you have a big glass.)
- Large handful of blackberries
- Two bananas, sliced into rounds
- One small vanilla yogurt (my favorite kind is Stonyfield.)
- Large handful of ice cubes

Throw it all in a food processor and pulse to your heart's content. Enjoy the Barney-The-Dinosaur color of purple that it turns out to be. Pretend you are sipping fruit smoothies on a beach somewhere, instead of snowed in at your house for the 5th day in a row.

*Although I will admit, I am BEYOND thrilled that we got Steven a 4WD vehicle back in December, after the First Snowpocalypse. And to think, I joked to him that we'd bought the car just a bit too late, presuming we'd already had the "big snow" of the season. Oh, what little I knew then.