Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working Girl.

Soph likes to skip out on daycare early and come visit me at work.

Caution: Sophie At Work

Which, of course, is such a fun idea but also stressful because what if she starts screaming during someone's conference call or something?  I have a quiet-baby strategy that involves a pacifier and Mozart but you just never know.  Also, the folks at work didn't want her to have to lay on the floor so they told me to bring her a playpen.  I have situated it in the least obtrusive location, so hopefully no one will think my office has turned into Babies R Us.  Do you see it?

Sophie's Office in Mommy's Office

Getting back to work has been great -- it's so nice to use my brain for something other than counting dirty diapers.  But it has also been very very tiring, for me and for Steven, too.  He doesn't do so well with the sleep deprivation -- he tends to hallucinate.  The other night, I had just finished feeding Sophie at the three a.m. feeding, and I put her on my shoulder and started to pat her back to burp her.  I guess I was patting her back in a rather loud and rhythmic fashion, because Steven jolted awake and looked around frantically and then looked at me with a crazy Rodney Dangerfield look in his eye and said, "Oh!  Oh man.  I thought that was a helicopter!"  

And finally, a picture of me and Soph from over Thanksgiving weekend.  She's getting so responsive these days, its fantastic.

Hi baby!


Allison said...

Take notes. I need all the pointers I can get when I go back in January!

Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

oh my gosh, i can't believe how quiet you got her to be! violet wouldn't last a minute!!

Mom said...

I LOVE your Baby Sophie Office Suite right by your desk. You and Sophie are working side by side. Fantastic!

Love you!