Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baseball Baby and My First Couponing Trip

My little nugget is growing like a weed, and I realized the other day that if we didn't put her Twins fan outfit on her soon, she'd outgrow it without even getting a single chance to wear it.

So here's Sophie's tribute to the winter trade meetings.  Go Twins!
We had to add the hairbow and the flowery jeans so she wouldn't look like a little boy.
Daddy absolutely loved this outfit on her, as you can imagine.
In fact, he was directing the photoshoot and we made several attempts to get the picture below just right.
Sophie really likes Joe Mauer, but she secretly told me that Michael Cuddyer is her favorite player.  That's my girl...
After the photoshoot, Sophie promptly christened her Twins outfit as only a baby can, and we needed a clothing change for her.  So Daddy decided she could open one of her Christmas presents early!
Santa's got quite the adorable little elf this year.  Her little arms and legs look so loooooong in these PJ's!
Lots of other things are arriving in the mail for Sophie's first Christmas -- she is very excited to open them all!  (Actually I'm not sure she realizes what's going on, but she does like the sound of crinkling tissue paper, and she likes staring at the Christmas tree lights, so that counts for something.)
In other news, I have officially completed my first "couponing" trip to Harris Teeter.  With a combination of printed coupons and Sunday paper coupons, I bought all this stuff:
At full price, this whole purchase would have cost $82.57.  With my coupons, it cost $27.81!  That's a savings of almost 70%, or a little over a dollar per item for 25 items.  Not the most epic coupon haul I've ever seen, but not bad for a beginner!
We bought some other stuff that I didn't have coupons for, so we actually spent about $57 at the grocery store, but for a week's worth of groceries plus all this extra stuff, that's pretty good.

As we were loading the groceries into the car, Steven says to me, "I think I am starting to understand the point of using the coupons.  You stock up on the basics that you need and get them really cheap or free, and then you have extra money to spend when you want to splurge on something else."

Yes! Yes, exactly. :)

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