Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As you know, nearly two feet of snow fell here in the DC area last weekend.


And although it wasn't quite this deep by the time Christmas Day rolled around, everything was still pretty snow-covered. It even garnered us an extra day off of work on Monday.

As things go, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Get a day off work? Congratulations, now your car won't start. We got in Steven's car to go to the gas station, and turned the key. The engine revved and revved, but never turned over. So, we had his poor little car towed to the local Nissan dealership that night. I followed the tow truck there in my Mazda. One thing led to another, and we ended up driving home two entirely different cars that night.


I know, crazy, right? We are now the proud owners of a new Xterra and a little Nissan Sentra. I promise I will post pictures, but given all the snow and the nasty roads, the cars aren't in prime form right now. They both need a good scrub and a sunny day in order to be really photogenic. :)

Meanwhile, all the snow made for a lovely white Christmas. We slept in and relaxed the whole day, and then zipped over to a friend's house for dessert. Pringles and I posed by the tree, right before I tore into the presents! (I got a fabulous Cuisinart Food Processor -- the kind with two stackable bowls! It can do everything. I have already made bread crumbs, pie dough, shredded cheese, diced onions, sliced potatoes, and I'm just getting started.)


I realized after we put up the tree that this is actually our very first Christmas tree as a married couple. This is a very sad fact, since we've been married for five years already. We'd always been in one-bedroom apartments before this, and I guess we just figured a tree would take up too much of our precious tiny space. I am thrilled to have a tree this year, and it makes me smile everytime I walk by.

As part of our relaxing Christmas day, I finished knitting one of my planned presents for certain preggo friends/family. I know three pregnant ladies right now, and clearly their babies will need handknit sweaters. Clearly.

The intended giftee will depend on which friends have which gender baby. This is probably going to have to be a girl baby's sweater, so hopefully at least one of them will have a girl. :)


Tulip Sweater, made in several colors of Dream In Color yarn. I bought a kit from Coldwater Collaborative, and I love this little sweater so much, I might go buy about 30 more kits.


I also really love that there are no snaps, buttons, or other little sew-on pieces. Just i-cord to tie the top together. Its a perfectly soft baby sweater.


My schedule is all thrown off, and I don't really feel like Christmas is over yet, because my family is coming to town on Monday, so I'm ready to do MORE Christmas!! I've got presents under the tree for family to open, and I'm putting the final touches on our menu for the week! Bring on Christmas, Part Deux! :)

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