Monday, October 5, 2009

Tiny Fruit

A little trick photography for you: Check out this HUGE watermelon from the garden!


What, you're not convinced?


Alright, you guessed it. I can only grow miniature versions of things (except tomatoes) apparently.


But bite-sized watermelons do have their benefits. One of which being that they are very cute and wee.


Another benefit is that you can eat an entire watermelon all by yourself. How many people can say that? Besides that Kobiyashi guy. And besides Adam Richman from Man v. Food.


This was the only watermelon I managed to grow this year. I got started way too late with my summer fruit plantings. There are still a couple of canteloupes languishing beneath the pumpkin leaves, but the harvest is pretty much over. It was a good "first garden" summer, and I've got big plans for next year's garden already. In a perfect world, I would have planted some winter crops (spinach, garlic, onions), but since I'm moving the garden into my new garden box next year, I figure I'll just start fresh in March or so.


The big plans for next year's garden will definitely include watermelon.


But perhaps I'll try to grow them a little bigger next year. Like enough for two people, at least.

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Julie said...

that's the most adorable watermelon i think i've ever seen! bet you couldn't do that again if you tried