Sunday, December 9, 2012

Language Explosion

(An unposted blog from October 2012!)
The day Sophie turned two (or so it seemed), her language skills exploded, and what previously felt like a guessing game ("You want this... sock? Spoon? Steak? Samurai? Soba noodle? Oh, you want some of Mommy's coffee? No....."), has suddenly become a full-on conversation with a tiny little person.

"Mommy, I need candies."

"No, you don't need any candy, Sophie."

"Mommy, I need fewt sacks."

"No, you don't need any fruit snacks, Sophie."

"Mommy! Carr-yett touchin' fire! Dont touch, Carr-yett! Its hot!"

"That's right, Sophie, we don't touch the fireplace! Dont touch, Scarlett!"

"Carr-yett get out first.  Sophie stand up, bafftub make-a noises!" (Sophie's job is to pull the bathtub drain at the end of their bath.  We ask her every night who should get out of the bath first, and every night, she graciously volunteers her sister to go first, so Sophie can have a few more seconds to play in the tub by herself.)

This morning she woke up crying and had apparently had a nightmare.  She called out for Daddy.  I went in and got her (because Daddy had already been in the three times prior), and she said "I need Daddy! I afwaid! Colin do it!"

Colin is a very sweet little kid in her class, who wouldn't harm a fly.  According to Sophie, Colin showed up in her dreams and "push you!" which means Dream Colin apparently pushed her.  Poor girl.

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