Friday, March 25, 2011

Mobile blogging!!

IMAG0122, originally uploaded by hrh6181.

Coming to you live from the xterra, it's my first attempt at mobile blogging! Given my pathetic lack of posts in the last month, this may be how we have to do this whole blogging thing from now on. I apologizse in advance for the misspellings that will inevitably occur (sitting in the backseat of an SUV next to a carseat with a sleeping baby while hurtling down 95 is not the most conducive spot for accurate typing...)

Apparently it will only let me post one picture at a time, unfortunately, which makes for a rather boring blog. Just to give you an idea of how techie we are here at Casa Steele, I've composed most of this post with Swype. We are so hip. we Will report back laterwith wedding pics and stories of travel with five month old!

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