Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Back Baby!

Okay, so maybe not 100% back.  Maybe more like 70 to 85% back.  But still, that's an improvement!
Mommy keeps dressing me in Christmas outfits because she says Christmas ain't over till Mommy says its over!  So Merry More Christmas everybody!
Sophie and I went over to a friend's house for a playdate today.  Her first playdate, actually!  She seemed to like it.  She liked his toys, at least.  She mostly frowned and looked grumpy, which is a look she's very good at, but it was an "I'm engaged by these playthings" type of grumpy face.  (She looks like daddy but has mommy's consternation. :) Go figure.)
I'm drooling like a champ these days - could I be teething already?  Holy grown up baby, Batman.
In other news, everything tastes great these days.
The purpose for the playdate was two fold - (a) get the kids together and (b) make a big batch of soup for our families for this week.  I didn't manage to get any pictures of the soup, but it was so good, I'll probably make another batch this week, so you'll get pictures eventually.  I bought a Better Homes and Gardens "Soups" recipe magazine from Target on a whim, and its actually full of a lot of good quick meal ideas.
I see a lot of soup in our future...
Just getting a chance to cook something has made me feel more human, more like myself again.  (Come to find out, eating things out of a greasy paper bag does not do much for my mental or physical health.)
Happy gurgling babies also help tremendously, of course.
I have missed so much work and it's been so frustrating -- I had only been back to work for two weeks when we all came down with [what felt like] the Bubonic Plague on about December 15 or so.  One of the days that I was working from home, I opened a Word document on my work laptop to write a blog entry about my New Year's Resolutions.  I got about three paragraphs in, and my entire work laptop went on the fritz and died.  While it will be moderately embarrassing when the laptop is restored and up pops my navel-gazing half-written blog entry, it was sort of a blessing in disguise.  There went my long-winded and overly ambitious resolutions, snuffed out like an overused candle.  Probably for the best.  The universe can do without my ramblings about how I'm going to get in shape! and lose that baby weight! and read War and Peace! and run a marathon!
Marathon, Mom? Seriously?  Am I not enough of a challenge for you?
Perhaps 2011 needed a slower start.  It's taken me a while to realize that Mommyhood has a different time table than my life previously had -- I'm nothing if not stubborn about these things.  So for this year, no grandiose resolutions.  Well, okay, maybe just one or two.
(1) I'd like to have people over to our house for dinner.  Once every weekend seems like a lot, so maybe once a month for starters.  And the words "dinner party" are overwhelming, so we're just not calling it that.  I've got plans for dinner with friends next weekend, so that counts for January.  12 meals with friends in 2011.  I think that's doable.
(2) I'd like to have a routine.  Something to rely on, where I know what's happening when.  First of all, Sophie needs an established bedtime routine, which we are going to work on this week.  But secondly, I need my own routine -- one that involves meal planning, grocery shopping, a specific wake-up-and-get-out-the-door routine, and another for coming home at night.  I used to thrive on spontaneity, with each day different than the last, but right now a routine would be so comforting.
So those are my two goals for 2011.  Eat with friends and establish a routine.  I think we can do it.
Sophie's resolutions involve lots of full tummies and full diapers.  2011's looking great for her, so far.


Mom said...

Yay...she looks great. Happy and healthy. Fantastic post. Love to all three of you. Kisses and hugs, Nana

The Mulvihills said...

Soph is super cute! I love the pictures, but can't get used to seeing you all sitting in the opposite direction in your family room! :)

The Huff's said...

glad everyone is feeling better! Did you ever get that BOB jogging stroller? That's should help with marathon training ;)