Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Hail The Triumphant Return...

All hail the triumphant return...
... of my ankles.  Seriously, I thought they were going to be gone forever, replaced by flesh-colored tree trunks attached to my knees. They are still a wee bit swollen (if you squint you can see the imprint of my sock...) but HOLY COW those are my ankle bones and I can actually see them, which makes this a very happy day indeed.  I haven't seen those ankles for a goodly 6 months now.

But, you probably aren't here to see pictures of my feet.  Right then, let's get on with it.  Our sleepy little sunshine is three weeks old already.
Hard to believe.  She's looking older in the face, I can tell.  This is how we've been spending our days:
Sometimes all the sitting around and doing nothing bugs me, but then I get to babygazing and I remember how short-lived these days are, and I try to ignore the tiredness and the awful daytime TV, and just love on my little girl as much as I can.  (And as you can see, I have a very jealous little Yorkie on my hands.  He tries to sneak into the chair for a cuddle as often as possible.  And he has finally realized that Sophie is sticking around, so he has been great with her, which is really a relief, because his days were numbered at our house if he couldn't figure out how to get along with her.)

Sophie experienced her first trick-or-treaters at our door on Sunday evening.  We had a costume for her, but when I put it on her, she was not a happy camper. Poor thing.
We immediately opted out of the costume and left her in her "littlest pumpkin" outfit and she was happy. Well, she was happy until I explained to her that babies don't get any candy.
(Don't worry, I ate plenty of candy on her behalf, so she had her share in a roundabout way...)
Whenever I try to take her picture, she spends half the time craning her little neck to look out the windows.
She very much likes the sunlight. I think she likes looking at the contrasting light/dark of the windows.  And I am very glad that she's enjoying the light, because we are working diligently to distinguish day and night for her.  I think it may be working.  She slept from midnight till about 3 AM and then 3:30 AM till about 6 AM two nights in a row.  Steven has taken over the midnight feeding, which has really really helped with my sanity.
(Hopefully it has helped him sleep better also...  During the first week that we were home with her, she started crying in the middle of the night, and Steven reached over with his eyes closed and gently handed me a small warm bundle, his hands cradling the head carefully.  I looked down, and my sweet sleep-deprived husband had handed me our 6-pound dog.  I asked him about it the next morning and he said he honestly believed it was Sophie, but he wondered why she had so much hair....)
Happy three weeks, Sophie! Your parents are slowly figuring out this whole having-a-newborn thing.  By the time we have this down, you'll be on to something new, I'm sure.


Ms. Debbie said...

What a delight to hear how the three of you + puppies are doing. She is sooooooo cute! I am happy for you re your ankles too!

Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

oh my GOSH the photo of her crying next to the candy bowl plus your caption kills me! She is gorgeous and i LOVE the birth announcement, thank you!!