Sunday, August 22, 2010

34 Weeks and Counting

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks at Casa de Steele.  Or more accurately, NOT at Casa de Steele -- we traveled to Atlanta last weekend to hang out with my family.  The women went for mani/pedi's and visited the Georgia Aquarium, while the men did a weekend retreat on Lake Lanier.  Although I forgot to bring my camera, Mom documented the events with hers, so I'll have to figure out how to download some of her pictures and post them.  Much fun was had by all and it was a cosmic event to have all of my family in the same room at the same time.  The family is getting bigger these days, and its getting harder to fit us all in the same room...

Speaking of things that are getting bigger, I sort of feel like I'm all-belly-all-the-time now.

It's funny the comments that people make.  I've gotten: "You're so tiny for 8 months!" and I've also gotten: "You're enormous, are you sure you aren't having twins??"

PS, aren't the hydrangeas looking nice these days?


You can tell that you're becoming somewhat of a spectacle when the neighbors stroll by and shout things to you.  A neighbor whose name I don't know walked by and yelled at us: "Hey!  What month picture??"  This was me waving back and saying: "8! Thanks!"


Also, Steven is mighty proud of all the yardwork he did this weekend, so he would also like you to note the perfectly manicured lawn that I am standing on.

We got a surprise in the mail this past week, too -- a early baby shower gift from my dear friend Julie, who lives in Seattle now!  Here's me holding up the card, and she wrapped it all so cute in paper and yellow ribbons!

Here's what was inside!  Yay for baby stuff!  Getting things like this makes it feel all that much more real that she's really going to be here, and I'm really going to be bathing her before too long.  Wow.  So surreal.

Luckily I just stocked up on some very cute thank you notes.  I love writing handwritten things to people -- I don't do it nearly enough.  One cute pink card, coming your way, Jewels!

In decorating news, I think we are nearly finished with Sophie's room.  We've got a rocking chair in there now, and it's mighty comfy.  I suppose we could still do wall hangings, and I have this unrealistic ambition of making quilt blocks and framing them.  The reason this is unrealistic is that I do not currently know how to quilt.  I have approximately 6 weeks to learn how.  Probably not going to happen.


So there you have it -- 34 weeks.  It still feels like October is centuries away, but I did cave and pack the hospital bag this weekend, so apparently some part of my brain is making preparations, even though I'm still in total denial about the whole hospital/labor/delivery thing.  I'm waiting for the stork to show up on my doorstep with a tiny pink bundle, which I will gracefully accept while wearing my pearls and full makeup.  Don't try to tell me otherwise.


Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

6 weeks? Haha, take it from me, you totally have time to learn how to quilt ;-) I just learned how to crochet last week and am halfway through a blanket! Seriously though, itsn't it crazy how you are so close?! I cannot wait to meet all of these new babies!!

Mom said...

Thanks for this post. Tell Steven the yard looks FANTASTIC. You and Sophie are looking BEAUTIFUL in your Tunny Pics.

Can't wait to welcome little Sophie.

soon, very soon.