Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What More Could A Tiny Human Need?

So I've been having an existential crisis for the past few months.  Let's call it the "Eternal Stroller Debate."  Beginning in about May 2010, I learned, for the first time in my adult life, that there are approximately eleventy-billion different kinds of strollers.  There are travel systems, there are umbrella versions, there are ones that fold up, fold down, fold inside out, teach your kid to read, teach your kid to talk, teach your kid Quantum Physics.

When we first started trying to register, I was stupefied by all of these choices.  I'm still rather stupefied by them, but luckily I have a few friends with a great wealth of stroller-choosing experience, so I gleaned all of the information that I could from them (read: bugged them to death until they gave me a rundown of each stroller they've used and why, as well as a list of the other stuff worth registering for).

And I think I've done it.  I think I have selected and identified every single product on the face of the planet that a tiny human being could need in her first few months of life.

So with that introduction, I give you our registries.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let me know if I've forgotten anything.  Is there anything out there that Sophie absolutely cannot live without that I didn't manage to put on either registry?   And conversely, are there things on the registry that are silly and useless? (Not that I will be removing them -- I'm rather proud of the compendium of baby products that I've managed to compile in those registries, but still, it would be good to know if you found a product to be less than worth the hype it got....)

Anywho.  Here are the links.  Tell me what I've missed or what I don't need.

Babies R Us


(Only 2-ish months to go.  It feels like an eternity and the blink of an eye, all at the same time.)


Kristin and Adam Salvia said...

I registered for the same breast pump, video monitor and baby jogger and LOVE them and am so happy I got them :-) i mean, i haven't actually USED them but i am pretty sure they will be amazing :-)

jewels said...

I love that there are 4 strollers on the Target list :) I'm obviously childless but in having the opportunity to interact with other people's kids, I just LOOOOVE the BOB stroller... Actually, my brother and sister-in-law like it so much that they'd like to make a "Bob Sr." or "Bobby" for adults since we end up needing travel assistance at both the beginning and end of our lives