Monday, April 26, 2010

And Now Back To Easter

Me: "So babe, do you want to dye some Easter eggs this year?"

Steven: "No."

Me: "Really?"

Steven: "Well, ok. But I never really did that when I was a kid."

Me: "Whaaat??"


Yes, as it turns out, Steven had never dyed Easter Eggs before the year 2010. I still stand in amazement (and perhaps his parents will chime in and refresh his memory?) -- Easter Eggs are so classic! They rank right up there with plastic green grass and ruffley Easter lace socks. (Ok, so Steven probably doesn't have much experience with ruffley Easter socks, but I digress.)


I was excited to show Steven how very very fun it is to dye Easter eggs, so I got all the cups and eggs and colors all lined up on the table and then called Steven over for his first-ever Easter Egg Dying Experience.



Well, I remember them being more fun when I was a kid. Steven dipped a few of them and then said, "Is that it? Can I go watch the Twins game now?"


(It is of note that he did manage to decorate his egg with all the baseball stickers before he lost interest. Next year? Paas Baseball Edition. Perhaps with plastic shrink wrappers of Mauer's grinning mug.)


Oh well. This will be much more fun messier with a little kid around anyway, right? (I know, I know. Next Easter the kid still won't be old enough to do anything but knock the bright purple dye all over my white kitchen table. Again, let me maintain my delusions while I still can.)


Happy Late Easter everybody! Its still April (barely), so it totally counts.


Jeff said...

LOL I'm like 35 years old and I've never colored an Easter egg either!

Erica said...

Doug's dad's family, with whom we spend every Easter, has a cut-throat, highly competitive Easter egg dying competition.

We're all secretly relieved that we sort of have to let the kids win nowadays, as we were all running out of ideas.