Monday, January 4, 2010

Pondering Some Resolutions (Or, Skip All the Mushy Nonsense And Let's See The Cars Already)

Steven wants desperately for me to post a blog about the cars already. Every time I type something, he goes, "Hey, are you posting about the cars now?"

But I'm sitting over here daydreaming about my New Year's Resolutions instead. 2010 kinda sneaked up on me this year. I didn't have my usual pre-made list of resolutions (For example, here's my list from 2008:)

coffee and resolutions closeup

And this is what my resolutions looked like in January 2009:


Instead, I'm slowly gathering my resolutions as they occur to me. The first one I thought of was that I want to run a 10K this year. The last time I ran a 10K, I was 15 years old. I think its high time to run another one before I hit thirty.

I had a second resolution occur to me this morning. I want to eat breakfast. Every day. And not just slurping down a glass of OJ and a multivitamin. I want to eat things like steel cut oats with bananas and honey. Eggs over medium with toast and jam. I want to finish an entire cup of coffee before I leave the house in the morning. I want to be able to linger over breakfast, to start my day slowly and purposefully.

(Which probably means I have to start waking up earlier. Ah, the harsh and realistic side of a resolution. Boo.)

That's all the resolutions I've got for now. Breakfast and a 10K. I imagine a few more will occur to me as the cold January days progress. I don't want to resolve to do anything outrageous this year. Just a few simple things. Like blueberry pancakes, perhaps.


You're still here? You must be waiting for car pictures. Alright, I won't disappoint you. A week before Christmas, the 350Z finally died on us. It had nearly 100,000 miles on it, and Steven adored that car. Seriously. He might have liked it more than me, judging by the fact that he made me get out of the car before he would park it in the garage, for fear I'd hit one of the doors against a garage wall. :) Nevermind that your wife is standing in the cold...

We had it towed to the local Nissan dealership, and then we walked into the dealership "just to look around a bit," and ... well ... one thing led to another, and...


Steven is now the proud owner of a 2010 Nissan XTerra.


I am thrilled. I loved the Z, but it was not the right car for Northern Virginia winters. It was luxurious, but it was getting a bit cranky in its old age. (I promised Steven he can buy himself another Z someday.)


And now we have a certified 4-wheel-drive vehicle. No longer will we fear the snow. (No longer will we be able to call in "stuck" to work anymore, either, unfortunately.)


The car payment on the XTerra was a bit higher than the Z, so to compensate, we traded in my Mazda 3 for a cheaper (albeit newer!) version. I give you, my little Nissan Sentra.


It is the color of fresh coffee with a tiny dollop of creamer swirled in. And it has a place to plug in my iPod. I love it very much.


So, Happy 2010 everybody. I hereby resolve to get up a bit earlier, start running again, and eat breakfast. And then drive my zippy little coffee car to work every day and thank God that I have a work to drive to. We are healthy, we are fed, we have shelter and transportation. We are very, very blessed.