Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Big Day

My younger brother Matt (the middle of three younger brothers) got married this weekend. Here he is with his groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner. (He's the blonde guy on the left.)


We took off work on Friday and drove down to Blythewood, South Carolina for the rehearsal on Friday evening. And we rehearsed. And rehearsed. The dear wedding planner, bless her heart, I think she assumed this was the first wedding that any of us had ever been to, so she thought she would instruct us on the fine art of "how to walk down an aisle" and "how to sit in a pew."

We all got a good chuckle out of how seriously she took her wedding director responsibilities. (As you can see from the picture below, everyone else is obediently paying attention. Everyone but me, apparently.) :)


I especially liked the picture below of Matt. It looks like he's quietly pondering his destiny.


On the actual day of the wedding, I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony. I guess we thought it might be a bit tacky if I brought my camera with me on stage and took pictures whilst performing my duties as a bridesmaid. Hopefully Matt and Kristen's photographer will post pics soon, and I'll direct you there with a link when she does.

I did manage to get some reception pictures. Somebody loves her Pops, I think.


Their cake was (a) HUGE and (b) gorgeous.


Oh, and (c) tasty!


It was so fun to watch my brother experience all of the emotions that go on during your wedding day. I saw him surf the entire wave of feeling -- from being antsy and nervous before hand, to being awed at Kristen as she walked down the aisle, to being blissfully happy and relieved at the reception (as shown in the pic below!)

Yeah! We got hitched! I wonder what Chris Small is doing to my car right now! Hey!

Matt and Kristen had also prepared a very sweet movie of themselves with pictures from childhood and pictures of their engagements (both of them!). It was very cute to watch Riley and Dad as they watched the movie on the big screen.


Somehow, we went through the whole weekend and never managed to get a picture of Steven and I in our wedding regalia. Oops! Here's me and my lovely parents though!


The table settings were nicely done. Kristen's bouquet landed on our table at some point, and it made for a nice photo op.


We also had the chance to meet Kristen's parents this weekend. Her dad is the pastor of the church where the wedding took place.


The first dance was to a John Mayer song. Steven leans over to me during the dance and says, "Is this John Mayer? I kinda like it..." And he's been joking on me for so long about liking John Mayer! Hah! Vindicated! (Thanks for the good song choice, Matt and Kristen!)


Here's a good example of what the bridesmaids dresses were like. Very pretty tea-length shimmery silk, in a teal color. We each carried a single white rose.


The guys also had white rose corsages. Chris is trying to kill me with his mind in this picture, I think.


A very cute moment occurred when Riley was in the bridesmaids getting-ready room, and Mandy put the flower girl dress on her. Riley walked up to the mirror and grinned, then twirled from side to side, taking it in. You could just see her thinking, "Pretty dress!!"


Kristen's wedding dress was beautiful. It had really gorgeous beading detail and a side-bustle. It fit her perfectly.


The music in the wedding was the part that made me tear up. Getting to see my sweet family singing and playing instruments.... there's just nothing better. Dad and Jodi sang a song called "The Prayer," which was beautiful.


Jon sang a song called "Let Love In" and Steven told me about 10 different times on the way home: "Wow, Jon did such a good job on that song." "You know, I really liked Jon's song." "You know, he did really well on that."

I agree. It was great and I nearly lost it and started to get weepy during the music. But I held it together.


And now, Matt and Kristen are off to honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN.

Come to think of it, I know of another set of lovebirds who honeymooned in Gatlinburg only a few short years ago....

Hmm, who could they be?



Love you family -- it was wonderful to see you all! Somebody send me the link to the wedding pics when they get posted! (And somebody also send me Matt and Kristen's new address in TN!)


Cheryl Davis said...

Thanks for posting. I felt like I was there. Great pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Sandra Lander
Was great to see these pictures All looked Beautiful Made me feel Like I was there I Loved seeing my Little Brother David enjoying his Sons Wedding what a joy Congratulations to both of you
With all my love from California