Sunday, September 13, 2009

Forty Bags of Mulch

Being still rather newbie homeowners, we've gained a whole new appreciation for mulch this year. Back in February, when there was still snow on the ground, a gaggle of high schoolers came around selling big bags of mulch. Our neighbors told us they put in an order for forty bags.

Forty bags of mulch?! Steven and I glanced at each other, in shock. What on earth would you do with forty bags of mulch?

Oh, how little we knew then...


We've already decided we're going to order mulch from the high schoolers next year. Lots of it. We figure forty-five bags or so ought to be enough to get us started next year.

This is what the yard looked like earlier this year:


And as a result of lots of hard work by Steven (and an incalculable amount of mulch), here is what the yard looks like now:


He has really been enjoying the yard work. He even mentioned the other day that, when it gets cold, he's really going to miss working outside in the yard.


My favorite part of our new landscaping is the bed Steven made for our hydrangea bushes. Granted, they haven't grown any bigger since we bought them 4 months ago, but at least now they look like they belong there.


This whole area used to be covered with rocks and ugly weeds. Now it looks so nice and clean and organized.


Next year we are going to put annuals all around this bed (and hopefully the hydrangeas will bloom). Its going to be faaaaabulous! Everybody give a big round of applause to Steven and his amazing mulch-laying powers. Go mulch!


Mom said...

Yay!!!!! for Steven!!!! 3 Cheers for all your hard work. Your house and yard loos Grrreat!
Love you.

Mom said...

looks* great.

Anonymous said...

Heather, I saw your letter to the editor of the Lynchburg magazine yesterday, so I was glad I could find your blog so easily today. I am not into blogging - or most social networking myself - but I enjoyed your photos and descriptions of what you and Steven are up to now with your house and your cooking. Please tell him I said hello too. I hope you both are living happily ever after.
Lynnda S Beavers (not really Anonymous)

The Taylormoore's said...

Love it! Jon (my husband) has a multch addiction. You can get multch free from the county (if you have a truck or similar hauling device). But don't tell Steven if you think he could develop this multch-addiction. It can be quite debilhitating.