Monday, September 7, 2009

Tri It, You'll Like It

All over our neighborhood these last few weeks, there were advertisements for the upcoming triathlon. Each morning, I would pass a sign that said "Bike Route, this way" with a big arrow.

At some point while I was passing those signs, I thought about getting up early that morning to cheer on the participants. Back when Steven and I ran our 5K, one of my favorite parts was the gaggle of people on the sides of the road, clapping and yelling.

So at 7 AM on Sunday morning, I sneaked out of bed, pulled on a sweater and jeans, brewed some coffee, and tiptoed out the door with a hot cuppa joe to cheer from my front stoop.


About an hour later, Steven (and the camera) found me.


"Woo! Keep going, you can do it!" Sitting out there watching the bikers go by, I was totally inspired. I am so going to do this triathlon next year. Totally. I just need to get a bike first. And a pool pass.


Me and Carlie had a special little cuddly moment together as she sat on my lap outside.


I realize she's not getting any younger, and after a couple of medical scares this year, I'm taking every chance to just hug her and love on her.


I love my little gal. :)

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