Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nosebleed Seats Have The Best View

So where've we been lately? Well, suffice to say, there are changes a-brewing at Casa de Steele. And while I'm not quite ready to tell you about them yet (and if you know us personally, you probably already know), all will be revealed in due time.

(And no. We're not pregnant.)

Anyhoo! Look at the pretty baseball stadium!


Our realtor invited us out to see a game, and we'd managed to flake out on his last few invites, so we figured we ought to take him up on this one.


And as it turns out, the nosebleed seats really do have an absolutely fantastic view.


Even the view behind us was pretty awesome.


That's the Potomac, in case you were curious. Not sure which bridge that is, though. Anyone have an idea?


And here we see the elusive Steven Steele in his natural habitat: a baseball game. Doesn't he just look like he belongs here?


Happy early Fall, everybody, and stay tuned for some interesting developments in the world O' Steele...

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