Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Box! (Or, My Husband, The Carpenter)

Steven's grandfather is a pretty talented carpenter. He doesn't always use blueprints (or apply for building permits before delving into home renovation projects...), but the things he can construct are pretty amazing.


And as it turns out, carpentry is in the genes.


Steven needed a project the other weekend. He was wandering around the house, looking bored, opening the fridge and closing it again (several times), and I finally told him to "go play outside." And I guess that's when the idea struck him. He grabbed his Minnesota Twins standard-issue tape measure and headed out back.


Naturally, I followed him outside to supervise. He was measuring the side of the house, asking me how long I would want a garden box to be. I dutifully held the tape measure while he walked around, eyeing up the space.


Then he jumped in the car and sped off to Home Depot. He arrived back at the house about half-an-hour later, armed with some two-by-eights and brackets. "I'll be in the backyard if you need me."


I have to admit, I am seriously impressed with the final product. Its going to be perfect for my garden next year. Steven is happy about this because now the garden (and all of its messy, tangled glory) will be hidden from the street view of our backyard, and he can replace my huge, out-of-control tomato plant with some nice annuals.


I can't wait to fill this bad boy up with some newspaper and compost layers! This year, I think I am going to try "square foot gardening" which will hopefully look a little neater than my current method: Throw Seeds Everywhere And Hope For The Best.

Although my pumpkin plants are looking pretty sweet right now, I gotta tell ya. Pictures eventually, once I actually grow pumpkins and not just huge leafy pumpkin vines.


Erica said...

YAY!! My square foot gardening did not turn out so well this year, for reasons yet to be determined. I'm blaming the very very wet June that we had. But I'm determined, and in fact I am building another raised bed garden this fall for next year!! It looks great, compliments to the carpenter.

Mom said...

Good job building that raised garden area, Steven. Enjoy planting.