Monday, July 6, 2009

Carrots, Sort-Of (Hard to call it a "Harvest")

I got tired of looking at the carrot-tops in the garden the other day. I'd been pulling out a few stray ones every now and then, and I had a feeling the entire carrot crop (Can we call 10 carrot plants a crop?) was rather doomed.


Turns out, I was right. These carrots are all leaves and no roots.


This little guy was the best of the bunch. I am slightly bummed, but they do smell delicious and sweet, so perhaps they will still taste good. All two bites of them.


I think this may have happened because of the way I set up the garden -- the soil was loose for the first 6 inches or so, but then its tightly-packed, rocky dirt underneath. I think once the carrot roots hit that lower ground, they just quit growing.


All you gardeners out there, any ideas? I planted some more carrot seeds recently, hoping for a more productive fall crop, but I have a feeling the same thing might happen again this fall. Ah, the joys of experimentation.

Good thing seeds are so cheap!


Jaimy and Bret said...

They look just like the organic baby carrots at the grocery store. Maybe they are that varietal and not supposed to be classic large carrots?

The Mulvihills said...

I wonder what they would do if you let them continue to grow? We grew carrots a few years ago and they just needed more time.

Now what you need to make with those carrots is a homemade carrot cake. So Martha!