Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yes Chef!

I always make Steven go with me to the grocery store. Mostly because its more fun than going there by myself, but also so I can check with him to make sure he will eat what I'm planning for meals for a given week.

After three or four "will you eat this" back-and-forths, Steven wandered over to the red meat section of the deli and picked up a package of filet mignon. He turned it over in his hands, gently, and then looked up at me with those eyes. The eyes that say, "pretty please" without even having to say anything.

"Um, babe? I would definitely eat this..."

Two cans of pineapple, a can of sliced mushrooms, and one bottle of teriyaki sauce later...


And there goes Chef Steven, whipping up some teriyaki steak for us for lunch.


(He says to me in the store: "I'll cook it, and you can blog it." He knows the drill around these parts, clearly...)


Being the Type A person that I am, I offered to "help" (i.e., tell him how to do everything), but the Sous Chef pointed to a bundle of asparagus and said, "Can you just get that working, instead?"

Yes, Chef! (Note: Chef Steven did not ask me WHERE IS THE RISOTTO in a screaming British accent. Next time, maybe...)


Overall, I was quite impressed. Just like any good chef, he knew that presentation counts for a lot:


Now that I think about it, this dish deserves a name. Hang on, let me ask the chef...

(He's thinking...)

Chef Steven reports that this dish will be called "Steak.... I don't know. Teriyaki Steak?"

Ok, so before he publishes his first cookbook, we'll get him a good PR person.

Teriyaki Filet with pineapple and white mushroom, garnished with a side of asparagus, pan-seared with olive oil and kosher salt.

Not half bad, folks. I get this nervous feeling that he is better at this than me...

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tracy said...

Very impressive, Steven. Dan can barely cook pasta. To be fair, I only buy gluten-free pasta, so it's tricky.