Sunday, March 8, 2009

Springing Forward

I got up this morning at 8:30 AM, only all of a sudden it was 9:30 AM. And then I did the dishes, and instead of only being 9:00 AM, it was suddenly 10:00 AM.

My morning is missing, and I'd like it back, please.

(However, when the sun is still up at 6:30 PM tonight, I imagine I won't be complaining nearly this much.)

My brother Matt is visiting for the weekend, and we have pretty much worn him out in the last three days.

We bombarded him with papparazzi pictures (during which I could not seem to keep my eyes open for the flash).


Steven was much better at it.


Matt and I gallavanted around Alexandria on Friday (while Steven had to work, ha ha). We saw the Torpedo Factory, which was actually quite cool, even though all the art is way over priced. I get that its original, but is your 4" by 4" canvas painting really worth $165, lady? Really? I'd give you $25 for it, maybe.

After the overpriced art, we wandered along the waterfront for a bit and then met Steven for lunch at Dixie Bones. Now, I know Steven and I are creatures of habit, but I just happened to browse through my photos from March 2008, and guess where we were?

That's right:


Just like clockwork, folks.

Saturday morning was more of our endearing habitual routines: breakfast at our Saturday favorite, followed by a car wash. I forgot what color my car actually was. Turns out, its white. Who knew.


And then, a twist. Steven leans to Matt and says dramatically, "Have you ever seen a Lambourghini? Up close?"


The answer to that question is now, definitively, yes.

(Ferraris are also, now, Matt-approved.)


Then we traversed up to Georgetown University (and I mean UP -- the entire school is perched vertically on the side of a cliff).


Steven tried to play it cool, like could have possibly been a student there.


Me, on the other hand? Well, I played the part of "Doting-Mom-With-Camera," replete with embarrassing stops of passers-by: "Excuse me, do you know where the English Department is?" (They didn't. They were visiting, too. Steven and Matt were mortified, and decided to stand about 200 feet away from me as this was occurring.)


We never did find the English department, but we did find the Graduate School. Also, Steven found a brass ballerina. He may have a new calling, folks.


The campus is as beautiful as I'd expected. Lots of old, interesting buildings and architecture.


And, most importantly, gutterspouts shaped like dragons. How could you go to a school without a dragon for a gutterspout?


I think we all left the place, inspired. Matt also managed to leave with a new album cover for his next project.


Today we're going to sit around and do nothing. I think we've earned it.


Mom said...

Enjoy the Sabbath Family. We love you ALL.

tracy said...

Love your Georgetown pictures. They make me want to donate some more money or something. :) By the way, the English Dept (where I spent all my time) is next to the chapel!