Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pack It Up

Closing is Friday.

Let me repeat that. We are closing on the house this Friday.


The realization of how soon we will need to move has hit me full force this weekend.

My first official packing task was to frantically file all our loose paperwork. Steven found it amusing that I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a ring of papers spread around me, and he grabbed the camera.


After a full two days' worth of packing, I am beginning to realize that we really just don't own very much stuff.


I've packed all the books, I've packed everything but our clothes in the closet, and I've packed everything in the kitchen but our dishes and the various other breakable items. (I meant to buy a few newspapers this weekend to pack the dishes, but I kept forgetting. Blah. I'll get them later.)


Once we get the keys on Friday, we'll start taking boxes over to the new place so the movers won't have much left to move once they get here.

I can tell you that someone was not being very helpful with the whole packing thing. (He kept jumping into the boxes.)


Who me? Hey, did you pack the kibble yet?

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Marci said...

Imagine if your little puppy was a 75 lb. Labrador, and he had a 20 lb. Jack Russell as his partner in crime. Yeppers, that was my most recent packing/moving experience. And I own a LOT of stuff-saying that just reminded me that I should put up a post about my quickly approaching moving day!