Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Snow

It feels strange to tell you about our first snow, given that it was a freakish 65 degrees out today. But last weekend, we had our first real snowfall of the season.


It wasn't much, and its certainly gone now, but to this southern-born girl, any accumulation whatsoever is cause for celebration.


Pringles and Carlie weren't cold; they were just intrigued by the thin layer of white fluff.


Its a nostalgic thing, the idea of snow and winter and Christmas. Just tonight, we drove through our soon-to-be new neighborhood and looked at all the lights on everyone's houses. It was beautiful, and I am still in shock that its nearly mid-December already.

We've just booked a flight home to see my family, and I'm very much looking forward to hugging each and every one of them. Sometimes the holiday season can be a trying time, but we'll circle the wagons and carry on.


Happy December to all, and especially to one of my brothers who happens to love winter and tiny snow accumulations just as much as I do. This one's for you, Matt.

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