Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Distracting You With Disney

In reviewing my overloaded Flickr account, I realized that I never finished telling you people about our Florida trip.

And given that my palms are too sweaty with nerves to say anything else about the house or the move or dear-God-closing-is-less-than-48-hours-away-and-the-settlement-sheet-has-really-big-numbers-on-it...

Let's just reminisce, shall we?

Have fun storming the castle! Disney was already decorated for Christmas in early November.


It was a pirate's life for Steve(n). Get it? (It rhymes with the real lyric. Sort of.)


We rode Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain (twice!). We only ride roller coasters that end in -Mountain.


We did not, unfortunately, get to see the Hall of Presidents. (Steven says its because they are putting in the new Obama animatron. I have my doubts, given that we went to Disney like 4 days after the election. Still, Disney is pretty efficient in other areas, so why not?)


But one of the highlights of the Disney venture was definitely the Tomorrowland Speedway.


Nothing is more thrilling than whizzing around a racetrack in a car attached to a metal rail, at speeds up to 7 or even 8 mph. We may have broken the sound barrier, I'm not quite sure.


Steven McQueen especially enjoyed the turns. (Much like Zoolander, Steven does not turn left...)


And guess who was tailgating us! That's right, Mario Andretti himself -- Daniel Jay. You can't really tell from the picture, but the Steeles were totally trying to race us. (I refrained from telling them that both cars were attached to the same railing, one in front of the other. Also, we totally won the race.)


And now I think I'll go back to biting all my fingernails in excited anticipation. Closing, closing, CLOSING! Woot!

Also, I have not packed nearly enough dishes yet. Rats.

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