Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Party + Blogiversary

On December 15, 2007, our humble little blog had its first little post. Hard to believe I've had that camera for a whole year now. I'd say I've put it to good use.

This weekend, I dragged Steven to the firm's Christmas Brunch at Lansdowne Resort. He had a blast. (Tell them how much fun you had, dear.)


See? He loved it.

It was actually quite fun to see all the decor and to watch the kids lining up for Santa. I thought about putting in a few of my own requests, but I had a shady experience last year with an overzealous Santa, so I declined. (Awkward!)


(For the record, I would have asked him for stainless steel appliances. A little elf tells me they might be coming down the chimney on December 29, care of a Best Buy delivery truck.)


The brunch spread at Lansdowne is not to be missed. They had all manner of delicious desserts, including a martini-glass butter pecan mousse that was glorious.


This photo was probably taken after my third or fourth cup of coffee, combined with several sugary desserts. Woo! Christmas!


They also had tiny little creme brulees in individual espresso cups. (I might have had two. Don't tell anyone.)


I didn't try the mince pies, but they looked lovely.


The view of the tree from the top of the staircase was my favorite part.


No, wait. I lied. The tiny gingerbread village was my absolute number one favorite part.


It was just so perfect and wee. Look at the little pretzles as the bridge railings.


And the thatched roof is painfully cute. And jellybean bricks! Oh little candy houses of heaven.


Happy one year blogiversary to me, and Merry Christmas to all of you. Here's to another year of filling your computer screens with cooking, knitting, ranting about work, and various other sundry ramblings.


Now back to packing.


Mom said...

LOVE your red dress!

Gingerbread village, how very cute.

Happy Christmastime HR and Steven.

Mom said...

Fantastic pic of you and Steven!
Love you both.