Thursday, November 6, 2008

Word to Yo Momma

I haven't uploaded any of my pics from Florida yet, mostly because I can't be bothered to get out of the pool. But I can show you my new sunglasses that we bought the week before we left.



Also pictured is my new Malabrigo cowl, which is getting quite a bit of use in the chilly Virginia fall weather. (But not here in Florida, where it was 79 degrees and sunny today! Aren't I just cruel to mention that?)

I used the Gloria Cowl pattern, and I cast on 99 stitches.


Its deliciously soft, and I am now officially in love with Malabrigo. I want a comforter made out of it.


I also enjoyed a simple stockinette stitch cowl, as opposed to my earlier cabled cowl. The cables make it a little tight, so I figured I ought to make this one nice and loose.


And it is most definitely loose. A bit too loose, if you ask me. I've got to either pin it closed or hold it up to keep it around my neck. I've been using a bobby pin to secure the folds snugly around my chin.

What, what? I especially like this look paired with my Adidas jacket.

The pinning works alright, but I think a better idea would be to just make another one. This accomplishes two objectives: (a) I get to buy more yarn and (b) now I can make another color to better match my winter coat.

I'm thinking a fabulous green. Yes?

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