Friday, November 7, 2008

Public Service Announcement (or, Why I Love jetBlue)

I heart jetBlue. For many reasons, one of which is the TV in front of each seat with 70 channels of DirecTV.


Upon which we watched election coverage with a dedicated and determined gaze.


Well, mostly. Napoleon Dynamite was also on Comedy Central.


I also heart jetBlue because they have real coffee.


Steven perked right up after some coffee, and he decided that he'd like to show you what he covertly wore to the polls in Virginia. (It is verboten to wear any political t-shirts or buttons to the polling place in Virginia. He's a wild man, I tell you what.)


The airline was also nice enough to leave the seat next to me open for my knitting.


How did they know? Amazing. Just amazing.

But my favorite thing? The real-time map.


It was awesome, if a bit disconcerting to know that you are traveling nearly 500 mph at almost 40,000 feet in the air.

I tried not to watch and just stuck with the knitting.


High-speed, high-altitude knits. That's what we're all about, folks.


The Mulvihills said...

Steven looks very tan in that picture!

Anonymous said...

It's 36 channels of Direct TV...(and over 100 channels of XM satellite radio!)