Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pigs In A Blanket

For all of you who are planning to throw holiday parties requiring the ubiquitous "finger foods," may I present one of my favorite appetizer recipes?


It isn't even a recipe, per se -- its just sort of "put together instructions."

Step One: Purchase mini crescent rolls and Lil' Smokies. (You can also get regular size crescent rolls and just cut the triangles in half down the middle.)

Step Two: Roll the Lil' Smokies up into the crescent roll dough.

Step Three: Place them on a cookie sheet, heat up that oven, and bake according to crescent roll instructions.


Step Four: Devour.


If you take these to your next holiday event, don't expect to bring any back home with you. In a table full of sugary cookies and fruit-and-cheese trays, these little guys get grabbed up pretty quick.


These are so simple and they always manage to get the "wow" from people. If you make these for a party, you should totally tell everyone that you slaved over them for hours. I won't tell, I promise. It can be our little secret.

(And for all of you keeping track on the home-buying front -- the home inspection went fabulously! Of course, our garage door opener doesn't work, but that's really the worst of it. Hallelujah.)

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